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Calvin Klein是美国著名的设计师品牌,创始于1968年,以极简风和舒适的材质出名。16年底,其成衣系由DIOR前设计师Raf Simons接手,LOGO标由小写换为全大写,在保持极简风格的基础上大刀阔斧进行改革。这款Calvin Klein Form Thong 女款内裤,采用95%棉+5%氨纶材质,舒适又有弹性,款式基础简洁。
Calvin Klein Form Thong 女款内裤
Calvin Klein Form Thong 女款内裤
Calvin Klein Form Thong 女款内裤
  • Dameris 点评道:
    2022-01-19 13:17:24
    原文:   Lovely and barely there thong with lots of breathability for those warmer days! Holds up very well even after several washings and remains true to form and size. For reference I am 5'9" 152lbs and slender hips. Typically wear a large in panties and purchased such in a large.
    译文:  可爱,在温暖的日子里只有丁字裤有很多透气性! 即使经过几次洗涤也能很好地保持其形状和大小不变。 作为参考,我的身高为5'9“ 152磅,臀部细长。通常穿并购买大号的内裤。
  • Anonymous 点评道:
    2022-11-03 23:47:37
    原文:   Fits great. Very comfortable. Love the color
    译文:  很合身,很舒适,喜欢这个颜色
  • Kindle Customer12 点评道:
    2022-09-02 14:08:21
    原文:   Very comfortable. Great fit!
    译文:  很舒适,很合身
  • Someone on the internet 点评道:
    2022-01-25 18:44:37
    原文:   Fit great. I would buy again. I really like the material.
    译文:  很合身,我会回购,真的很喜欢这种面料。
  • Amazon Customer 点评道:
    2022-05-03 22:07:43
    原文:   good
    译文:  不错
  • Jack Ackerman 点评道:
    2022-11-10 14:15:19
    原文:   Not a womens underwear expert but I bought these for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves them
    译文:  我不是这方面的专家,买给女朋友的,她很喜欢
  • Sadanglo 点评道:
    2022-06-14 22:36:38
    原文:   Comfortable, lightweight, cotton thong
    译文:  舒适,轻巧,纯棉
  • Christina Jarboe 点评道:
    2022-06-14 08:42:40
    原文:   Perfect fit and really comfy
    译文:  很合身,很舒适。
  • Amazon Customer 点评道:
    2022-12-30 18:31:10
    原文:   Fits well
    译文:  很合身
  • Sergiy M. 点评道:
    2022-06-29 23:47:45
    原文:   it was a gift and really liked it
    译文:  买来作为礼物,很喜欢